We are value added laser and laser system distributor

Helping you to achieve your goals through the application of photonics

Laser Sources

A wide range of laser systems, including high power diode-pumped solid-state UV and green lasers

Laser Workstations

A range of multifunction processing systems covering micromachining to biomedical applications


Consulting service covering all elements of laser design, simulation, assessment and training

LaserQuant - Bringing Photonics Expertise to India

We are a team of professional engineers and consultants bringing together expertise, powerful technologies and a wealth of industry experience to help our clients solve their problems.

At LaserQuant we have a wide range of skills from laser design to applications and are run by professional engineers with over 30 years of experience in some of the leading international organisations in the field.

We work with our customers and partners to find the right solution for their applications including marking, engraving, diamond processing, micro machining, cutting, and laser cleaning . We only work with suppliers that reliably deliver high quality products.

Due to our expertise in the field, we can provide complete service solution within India, solving one of the key issue faced by the Indian market.

Product Focus

Diamond Cut Lasers

Specially designed for the diamond processing industry, the Diamond Cut Green and UV lasers offer unmatched processing capabilities with lowest cost of ownership

With average power up to 20W and excellent beam quality