Vein Finder : VPism-Alpha Vein Probe

Features & Benefits:

  • Safe light source with high resolution display
  • Suitable for any age from new born to old age
  • Applications includes efficient IV and blood draw, arteriovenous fistula surgery, varicose vein surgery etc.
  • Identify blood vessels only not palmar crease
  • Measures down to 10 mm

VPism-A is the most accurate, real time and portable vein finder by iiSM Inc and exclusively distributed in India by LaserQuant. This is the entry model which can be used as portable or wheel stand type. It uses non-invasive infrared technology and detect the exact location of veins in real time. Use of LED technology makes it eye safe and can be used in various injection treatments including infants, obese patients and so on.

This is the most accurate vein finder available in the market:

  • Non-invasive infrared detection technology suitable for any colour, age or obesity
  • No harmful effects on eyes and skin due to the use of LED
  • Detect the exact location of veins in real-time
  • High definition real-time video can be paused, and images saved
  • Continuous running time of 200 mins
  • Vascular images are displayed on the monitor, and image quality is not affected by distance


  • Safe and efficient IV and blood draw
  • Arteriovenous fistula surgery
  • Varicose vein surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Assistant equipment for novice medical staff
  • Medical services and promotions
  • Hemodialysis patients
  • Blood center

Accessories available: Wheelstand for adjustment of the height and position, light source for the difficult cases (Infant, obese/old patients).

For desktop version with even higher resolutions, please see VPism D+.

Key Specifications:
Dimensions Display: 224 x 136 x 18 mm, Camera: 56 x 56 x 52 mm, Weight: 530 g
Resolution 1340 x 800 (8.7 inch)
Probe Target Subcutaneous blood vessels (including capillaries)
Probe Method Non-invasive infrared technology
Magnification Function Up to 2X
Automatic Adjustment Function Auto brightness adjustment
Accessory Search Light-H
Battery Usage Running time: 200 mins / Charging time: 100 mins


Product Video:

Vein Probe Alpha, New Vein finder:

Vein Probe Alpha, Application:

Vein Probe Alpha, Pediatrics:

Vein Probe Alpha, Varicose Veins:

Vein Probe Alpha, Functions:

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